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3 ways to prepare your trees for storm season

08 Oct 2018
Intense elemental disasters like humid temperatures, wild blasts of wind, and consistent heavy rainfall are not too kind on trees. Those who are not prepared often suffer severe damage during these seasons. Some falling trees even end up destroying property, something those in Robina, Mudgeeraba and Ormeau know too much about.

Here’s Tree Essence’s guide to help prepare your trees for the oncoming storm season:

1. Root for good quality

All trees will eventually face intense weather damage, but healthy trees have better chances to stand through harsher conditions.

When choosing which trees to plant for your particular environment, it’s important to select the appropriate variety. Things such as the area suitable for the roots are essential factors to the tree’s growth and should be taken into consideration. Stronger roots can help trees stand through those tough Gold Coast storms.

Apart from the quality of the trees, soil composition should be considered as well. Stable roots require stable ground; this equation should help trees to develop accordingly. Always go back to thinking about which appropriate trees would go with your immediate environment. Tree Essence can help advise you here.

2. Call an expert

Like what was said in the beginning, preparing for storm seasons could help the trees’ stability and safety. Maintenance measures like remedial pruning trees regularly could help avoid risk during storms. Pruning retains the natural balance on your property compared with the ultimate decision for tree lopping and robbing your property of a vital natural asset.

Tree Essence’s years of experience in tree pruning would certainly help your trees’ stability. Many people call on Tree Essence’s professional fully qualified arborist’s knowledge when a tree’s branches get too big and may be detrimental to the safety of families and pets.

Decrease the chances of branches flying off and damaging lives and property during storms by calling your Tree Essence for tree pruning, tree lopping and arborists services.

3. Pruning

Another maintenance measure you should look into is trimming or pruning. The winter season (also called “dormant season” for tree aficionados) is a good time to have trees pruned. It will not only increase safety but would also help with the overall health of the tree.

When strong weather activity happens, humans can evacuate; however, trees can only stand their ground. By improving the ground, and the tree itself, you can increase the chance of survival of the tree, and the safety to your household.

For tree pruning, tree lopping and tree removal, and other tree-related services don’t hesitate to reach out to Tree Essence.

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