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3 Benefits of Soil Injection

Although it may sound complicated, soil injection is a simple and relatively standard process. Soil injections deliver pesticides and chemical fertiliser directly into a tree through the root zone or the soil beneath it. The injected material is absorbed by the root’s branches and eventually reaches the canopy helping your trees to thrive. 

So what are the benefits of soil injections, you may ask? Well, we’ve listed 3 of the main reasons why you may consider soil injection for your trees: 


1. Deliver fertilisers in a more efficient manner

When we inject the treatment or nutrients directly into the tree trunk’s root zone, it is delivered in micro-nutrient form so it is immediately available to the tree. Soil injection fertiliser is especially beneficial to trees in urban environments where soil may be poor or grow in harsh areas such as the side of the road.

2. Protect nearby animal and insect populations

Usually, the spray drift generated by pesticides can negatively impact beneficial insects living in and around the tree. By delivering the fertiliser and pesticides directly into the root zone, we reduce the impact on the insects while also reducing the odour. 

3. Help prevent diseases

Fertiliser injections can help your trees become stronger and more resistant to certain diseases and insect infestations. This is particularly essential for fruit trees, ensuring good fruit production. 


Apart from regular pruning and watering, tree fertilisation is an excellent component in maintaining your tree’s health, providing nutrients for growth and minimising stress. 

Could your trees use a little help this year? Get in touch with our professional arborists at Tree Essence and make an appointment to discuss your tree’s needs.

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